ROV Tiger

Tiger ROV
tiger_montage 2
  • Surface Power Supply Unit and Surface Control Unit supplied as free standing units or fitted inside an air conditioned control container. An additional tooling power supply option is available.

  • Surface Equipment includes Hand Control Unit, keyboard and a 19 inch colour monitor. An additional hand control unit is available for systems fitted with a manipulator skid.

  • Standard Twisted Pair or Fibre Optic option used for data and video transmission. 

  • Operated as a free swimming ROV with up to 450 m of umbilical. Optional Type 2 Tether Management System (TMS) available for depths up to 1000 m.

  • Additional deployment options include an electric winch for free swimming Tigers, a containerised system with winch and launch davit or an A Frame Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for ROVs equipped with a TMS.

  • ROV rated to 1000 m fitted with four horizontal thrusters and one vertical thruster, electronics pod, two LED lights, a compass and a depth sensor for vehicle auto heading and auto depth. Auto altitude is available as an option when an altimeter is fitted.

  • With a 32kg payload, a wide range of accessories can be added as required.


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