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ROV (Romotely Operated Vehicle)


Five thrusters provide a stable platform for observation, inspection and diver support.


Internationally regarded as the industry standard observation and inspection vehicle.


Engineered design options to deliver results even for the most challenging of projects.

Aquajack Subsea Tensioner

Safe, reliable and repeatable, the use of hydraulic tensioners
offers many advantages over other less accurate tightening
methods. Hydratight’s Aquajack ® subsea tensioners
allow divers to perform the tensioning process with tools
designed specifically for their unique requirements.

NB Clamshells

The Hydratight NB or Narrow Body portable Clamshell
series are ideal when space is at a premium. Each
of the machines within the NB series have a height
of 3″ (76.2 mm) and a width of 2.25″ (57.2 mm). The
resulting narrow body low profile design makes the NB
series the perfect choice in tight spaces or if obstructions
are present.

ROV Mojave

Mojave is the most powerful observation ROV for its size. Compact, easy high maneuverability, ergonomic design and light weight construction allow for rapid set up and deployment using any domestic power supply. With world beating subCAN control and diagnostics system and proven thruster reliability.

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