Flexible Pipe



The successful operation of a flexible pipe system relies on the correct specification, procurement and application of the requisite accessories. This is instrumental to the successful implementation of a flexible pipe solution, as such key components will maintain the flexible pipe products within the envelope of superior operational performance, thus ensuring a long lasting solution.Accessories range from large, complex structures such as mid-water arches, riser bases, bend stiffeners, buoyancy modules and bend restrictors to smaller devices such as pull-heads, A&R wires, plugs, nuts, bolts and many other pieces of essential equipment.
Through our highly skilled and experienced engineering base NKT Flexibles has the capability to design, specify, procure, manage and incorporate the entire suite of required accessories. In doing so we offer a full system solution allowing the client to have only one responsible interface.

The flexible pipe solution’s adaptability to a wide range of installation spreads and methodologies, together with its retrievability and reusability, makes it highly cost effective in terms of installation. Further to this the flexible pipe system is in many cases the most economic solution from a full life cycle cost perspective due to lower installation costs, less maintenance and finally a rather in-expensive decommissioning.